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Re: Was Jo Yeates really abducted?

Post  laterallyyours on Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:41 pm

Sadly I'm pretty sure what happened, and I'm sure she won't be found alive or well.

One interesting aside - when I first heard of this it reminded me of Melanie Halls disappearance, and when I saw the first photo of Jo in her Uni passing out get up I was stuck by how similar they looked.

Melanie Hall disappeared from about 8 miles down the road from where Jo lives/lived.

Anyway, the pizza is the odd man out, it doesn't make any sense why that would be missing on the face of it, so I think you need to think about why someone might want to make the pizza vanish and work back from there.

Really the only logical thing with that is that it clearly defines a timeline - that she didn't disappear on Friday. You then need to think why that might be a problem for someone, and who that might be.

And that really only draws 2 conclusions:

1) the boyfriend did it on Sunday


2) She ate the pizza at someone elses house and something happened there - they then took her possessions back to her house, even her shopping, which is a pretty mad thing to do, there's no real need to do that.

Or someone got into her house without forcing entry, abducted her, took the pizza in case they got peckish along the way, but left everything else behind?

Does anyone else get the impression the boyfriend looks really "needy" or "clingy" in the photos?

Also, anyone know why he had crutches at the wedding?

Re: Was Jo Yeates really abducted?

Post  aiyoyo on Sun Dec 26, 2010 3:33 am
Scatterbrain wrote:‘Over the weekend I had tried calling and texting her and didn’t have a reply, but Jo didn’t always reply so it wasn’t completely out of character.
‘Then when I arrived home it was obvious our cat had been left on his own and was going mad. I waited up for her until about midnight and then when she didn’t return I started to get really worried.

‘I went through her bag, which she had left on the table and found it had all the stuff she would need to take with her, things like her purse and her keys.

‘I called the police and reported her missing and also phoned her paren

So, I walk in after a weekend away, having not heard from my nearest and dearest, not one reply to phone calls or texts. The cat's obviously been left alone, as he says and there's no still no sign of her. What would you do?

True, his waiting time before raising alarm is curious to say the least. 
Why would she rush home from the a quick drink in the pub just to buy a pizza to stay home alone for the weekend considering it's friday especially a friday in festive season festive celebration mood. Especially if he wasnt going to be in, wouldnt it be more usual for her to hang out with her friend at the pub then come home much later? Why rushed home to spend the weekend alone is an enigma for me? 
Unless she was rushing home because he was waiting there for the pizza.
My theory is he was there in the flat on Friday. They were eating the pizza and had an altercation, things went wrong she was killed accidently. He took her and pizza for dumping then headed to his half bro to create an alibi. The time he arrived at his half brother is crucial. 

Obviously the police is going to concentrate on her boyfriend and work backward. Is it usual for him to spend weekend at half brother or was that unprecedented the police would have to establish. Was he
already there during the hours she was seen alive or did he arrive much later. All would depend whether his half brother was let in on the truth - in that case the timing is going to be manipulated to suit his objective.
If he was not close to his half bro and showed up suddenly with a cock and bull story as to why he showed up suddenly then the time he was there is going to be a clue.

If money and sex is not motive then it would have to be crime of passion,or accidentally killing. I think he killed her by accident on Friday, create an alibi, returned on Sunday, waited for a few hours to make it seems reasonable waiting time then raised alarm. 

The first thing I'd do is ring... and what would you hear? Her phone going off in the flat, either in her bag or on the table next to her bag. Even if it was on silent, it would more than likely be vibrating. Just the sight of her bag on the table would make you think she can't have gone far, so waiting for four hours, not even calling a friend... weird.

If he's seen her bag immediately on return and she wasnt, the first one would assume is the worst, as in why would one go out without bag especially since she hasnt been contactable for the last 24-28 hours or so. 
To have waited further before raising alarm is highly suspicious.
Of course unless they have an unusual relationship and she's known to pop to friend round the corner or neighbour or something like that then appearing without prewarning. Just saying if that is a habitual thing surely he would know who she hangs out with and phones round to check especially after having seen the bag and cat left out wondering. 
The next thing after finding that would be what... ring the parents then check with any neighbours she was friends with either in the same block of flats or nearby and ring a few mates to see if they'd heard from her. Or you sit around til midnight waiting for what seems a reasonable time to raise the alarm.

There's no mention that he even spotted or looked in her bag until midnight. When he did finally look at her phone, he would have noticed instantly that all his texts and calls were unanswered since Friday. This is surely a point you would mention as it would have caused total panic. He didn't even mention that he found her phone, just keys etc. The phone and all the missed calls would have been the first thing to raise your suspicions.

My OH would never look into my bag no matter what. 
Pertinent question in this case is: did he notice her bag was there immediately on entering the flat, or did he find it later after searching the flat when she didnt show up.

The clue is in 'a break from their usual habits' which isnt that difficult for police to establish once they have pathological reports in hands and start proper interrogation. If her boyfriend was behind her death, there is no escape for him alibi or no alibi. Unless this is a freaky case, there has to be a connection to the last person seen with her or person who raised the alarm. It's how crimes are worked out and solved or not solved.
All that said, very easy to find a conspiracy theory and read all kinds of things into statements by people who are in shock. A likely answer is she was overheard talking about being on her own whilst in the pub and followed home. No mention of who lives in the other flats either and whether they have been interviewed or not.

Post  Phantasia on Sun Dec 26, 2010 11:11 am
aiyoyo wrote:The time he arrived at his half brother is crucial. 

And what he did after he arrived, if he indeed arrived there 'in the morning'.

He could easily have told the half brother some story and driven back to Bristol (3 hrs max journey) to spy on her after she left the works pub drink.

Who is the chap next to her in the Tesco CCTV? Is it him? 
Did he meet her (in their car) - after she had been to Waitrose - and call at Tesco with her to buy a Pizza? 
Did he then take her to their home by car? 
Did they forget to take the Pizza indoors with them?
Did a 'row' then start?
Did he go out to the car to fetch the forgotten Pizza?
Did she follow him and get into the car to continue the 'row'?
Did he then drive a little way off to avoid neighbours hearing the squabble?
Did he then strangle her? Or did she jump out of the car?

Also , of interest, when did it start snowing in Bristol area? Was there snow there on that Friday evening?
It started to snow heavily here in Oxford on that Friday night and all day the next day, Saturday 18th. Later that day (18th) the A34 was at a standstill, as were some parts of the M40, but he would not have used either of those roads, were other roads that he would have used, blocked?....... were they clear for a return journey to Sheffield on the night of the 17th anyway?

Look again at that pizza

Post  cunningfox on Sun Dec 26, 2010 2:38 pm
One thing nobody seems to have pointed out - it's a large pizza. It's a pizza for two. A slim girl like her wouldn't have eaten all that on her own. And look where she bought it - she was nearly home, having already been into a bigger supermarket, and then made a half-mile detour all the way back into Clifton solely to buy it.

How about this for a scenario? She finishes the conversation with her girlfriend when she's nearly home, and then gets an call from somebody else saying that he's had to come back from Sheffield unexpectedly, he's half an hour from the flat and starving, and would she pick up some supper on her way back. It's too far for her to go back to the Waitrose, so she goes to the nearest supermarket to the place she's received the call, which is the Tesco. 

The only question then would be: why has he returned from Sheffield? Has he come all the way back meaning to do something, or does that something just develop? The fact that the pizza clearly did not end up cooked and eaten - because if it had, there would have been some evidence of it in the form of crumbs, at the very least - suggests the former.

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