There is a mole in this forum

Post  soulthief on Fri Dec 10, 2010 9:15 am
someone here is feeding info to muratfan or muratfan is here incognito , the pro's all know about the Tony Bennett row with me where we fell out because I put a link in the wrong place, they even know the thread was deleted by admin, how do they know if this is a closed forum? I think it was not a good idea for Tony to write about our spat because all it achieved is loading the pro's guns. it also concerns me that we are not talking in confidence here and what else is being seen that shouldn't.

Re: Muratfan discussion

Post  soulthief on Fri Dec 10, 2010 4:53 pm

LOL your right, I dont read his stuff, its long winded. I went from 95% to a 100% skim over. 
Question for you, whats your problem? You clearly have one with me if your last few posts are anything to go by So why dont you spit it out, cos I am sure you dont ask all posters who mention what is written on muratfans or anti pros site the same question, So instead of the cat and mouse why dont you just spit it out? And for the record I dont give a hoot about Muratfan and have in fact secured his demise with 4chan who will shortly be giving him their attention, that same thing goes for any other pro who gives me their unwanted attention. its one of the perks of being part of the XD gang. Its blatant you have an issue, cos you didnt have to mention Tony as it was not relevant to my question, it seems you have taken offence by proxy on Tony;s behalf.As you are a moderator or maybe the owner of this forum it would seem I can not win this argument HERE, so if you ahve a problem say so and we can deal with it instead of the sly digs that are ill hidden


Re: Muratfan discussion

Post  soulthief on Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:51 pm

Well I was rather hoping to blogtv with Muratfan to debate the argument he has regarding the Mc's innocence, I would have been able to show him that at one point I was all for finding her as he is saying none of us want her found, the fact I own the bracelet shows that is not the case, I am just being a realist. Muratfan has not answered I take that as a no, he does however seem to have taken the hint to lay off Jill, which is one good thing, I would have no qualms about seeing him being 'Boxxied' by the 4chan trolls. Not all trolls are bad, some trolls, troll trolls, 4chan are just such trolls and they would have a field day with muratfan. I actually dont know why i wear it, but I do.I hope this isnt a problem for anyone here?

Re: Muratfan discussion

Post  soulthief on Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:58 pm
I said I didnt know why but was hoping when I blogtv with muratfan and I also said as a reminder of my stupidity, if you are going to split hairs as to what I said.
fact is by pro's and the likes of the man who done the foundation programme we are known as haters.

more from Muratfan and reply..

Post  soulthief on Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:28 pm

I don't give a hoot about IP's, it doesnt affect me so its of no interest or consequence, I know you are the big chinned person who used to be cop. As for my youtube account, I have several all for different purposes,And yes one of them I use in pretty much the same way you use your site, to troll, I am also in 4chan, perhaps you will know the story of boxxy? Well Like you Boxxy thought she was clever stirring it up..and boxxy came unstuck, as you will.You are a bully, you tried threatening Jill with google slander so her name is attached to crap, and like I said, thats a game right up my street. I deleted my Madeleine one long ago, as I was being stalked by a psycho ex, at the time I asked Jill if I could change my name here, so forget me hiding. Blogtv is a totally different thing to youtube, its a live broadcast of people on web cams that can be viewed by on lookers. So say the word and I will create a account for us on blogtv,w e can set a time and then anyone wishing to watch me tear you and your argument apart are welcome to view. Who's bottling it Muratfan? what you got to hide? I love it you deleted the post about my typo, pity I had already read and copied it. IDIOT

For Muratfag and those unfamiliar with the fall of Boxxy

Post  soulthief on Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:39 pm
Muratfag, you ought to leave Jill alone now, I will put your stuff all over 4chan and you will find trolls like you have never imagined could exist, people talk of trolls, as in people who cause trouble on the internet forums, true trolls are so much more than that, they don't waste time name calling and trying to derail, they take trolling to a whole new level. The 4chan trolls troll trolls such as yourself,its like a sport to them and they are the dogs boll*cks when it comes to sniffing out peoples business, now we can debate this and Madeleine if you like, or you can stfu.

at least we know who to look for when it appears...thanks for that

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