A puzzling claim

New post  Tony Bennett Today at 1:49 pm

Even if Reardon turns out to be be wholly innocent, I find that a highly questionable statement.

They are madly in love.

They live together.

Reardon says he has never been happier in his whole life

He's going away for a whole weekend.

They presumably both have mobiles. They can text each other. Did he not even send a text?

I am looking at that statement again: " wasn't unusual for Jo not to answer the phone".

Certainly puzzling, that one.

Re: Jo Yeates - The Pure Logic thread

Post  BoSelecta Today at 1:52 pm
I thought the BF was totally cleared by the Police. They checked his alibi's, checked the receipts and CCTV at the service stations and said he had nothing to do with the murder.
So why are you suggesting he may be involved?

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