Re: Jo Yeates Part II

Post  mischief Today at 9:27 pm

Yes it is. First thing I noticed was that Rebecca said the police rang her on Sunday night to say Jo was missing. Assuming she meant Sunday night as in after midnight then the police haven't hung about have they. It also indicates that Rebecca wasn't on Greg's "who to call" list that night if he rang anyone else other than parents and the police.

Secondly, Jo's movements went like this-

She went into Waitrose at about 810... and bought nothing, or that we know.

Walking away from Waitrose Jo then spoke to Rebecca ... Jo rang Rebecca (and it rings a bell that she was returning Rebecca's call but cant be certain of that)

After speaking to Rebecca Jo then goes into Tesco and buys a pizza. She then goes (or went first) to the off licence and buys the two bottles of cider.

Swansea is no more than 1hr30 mins from Bristol. Travelling from Swansea you'd pass very close to Bristol en route to where Jo's parents live. Its maybe the same distance again or perhaps a bit more from Bristol to Hampshire. Bristol would in fact be a good mid way point to stop off on a long journey.

Think about it.

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