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Posted this question before but thought I would try again. I havent seen much mention of this, but does anyone think religion might be a link between the two crimes? 

The thing I noticed about Carruthers crime was that victim was a member of a 70s commune style group called Fisher Folk. Non-conformist religion basically, and quite hippy-ish I think. And thus non-establishment although not particularly anti-establishment. as far as I know.. I wonder if Jo Yeates was a christian at all, or religious ? No mention of this in media it seems, so probably not, but her body was found on Christmas Day, which has struck me as odd given it was 8 days after she went missing. Why not any of the 8 days before that? Given the reports in recent days that the body may have bee stored it might be plausible. However, I personally think they are investigating the alterations to the building for other reasons.

One further detail that was mentioned here before was that in the 1974 case, there was a report of 2 people running from the crime scene in the opposite direction (to the West) but very much within the area of the Zoo, college area, Clifton. (it's 15 seconds in if you pause the video on bbc website). I only mention thi s again as after I found this out the police seemed to confirm they suspected multiple culprits.

I also think the 2010 report of John Craven that was shown on Bristol TV may well have acted as a trigger to the recent crime. Sad 

It could be a repeat, or a copycat or something else even.. but how odd given all the similarities that it should occur a few months later

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