Re: When did Clarence Mitchell arrange for the McCanns to see the Pope?

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To Tony
An impressive list of the "Angel of death"
In the West and Soham ones he seems to have been merely there as a reporter for the BBC or whoever.
It is the intimitate nature of his involvement in this one which is fascinating. He is acting "for" the prime suspects. On their behalf, and either on their instructions, or in some other capacity which may involve giving advice to them about long term strategy.
In that second scenario he becomes involved in the case itself, and would need to know many details, in order to decide which pieces of evidence he was and was not going to allow to be put into the public domain. Put simply, he would have to know more than he was letting on to. 
Which makes him a conspirator IF it is shown that a crime other than a simply and obvious child neglect has been committed.
Or possibly ...
Section 4 Criminal Law Act 1967 (1) ...
The offence of assisting an offender ("the principal offender") is committed when:-
the principal offender has committed an arrestable offence [a relevant offence];
the accused knows or believes that the principal offender has committed that or some other arrestable offence [other relevant offence];
the accused does any act with intent to impede the apprehension or prosecution of the principal offender; and
the act is done without lawful authority or reasonable excuse.

Examples of the type of conduct appropriate for a charge of assisting an offender include:-....
otherwise assisting a principal offender to avoid arrest;
lying to the police to protect principal offenders from investigation and prosecution;

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