The state of play in the JonBenet case

Post  Tony Bennett Today at 1:23 pm

I can see where you got this from.

Mrs Ramsey is dead now by the way.

A recent District Attorney ruled that someone else's DNA had been found on JonBenet's clothes and - IMO bizarrely - claimed that this somehow exonerated the parents. Indeed, he went beyond that and apologised to the parents.

The owner of this DNA has not been traced and so no-one has yet been found guilty of murdering JonBenet.

Have a look when you have a moment at some of the longer postings within this thread, which IMO should leave you in no doubt that Jon Benet was killed by one or more of the following:

Mr Ramsey
Mr Ramsey
Their son
Another person who was in the house on Christmas Day with the consent of the Ramseys.

Only high-level connections and lots of money have prevented the Ramseys being charged with murder, or at the very minimum with covering up a murder.

By the way, there was a recent report that a police force was going to re-interview the boy, who is now an adult.

Re: Who killed JonBenet Ramsey?

Post  BoSelecta Today at 1:32 pm
What is bizarre of someone elses DNA being found? If a relative of yours was found murdered or something (hope not) and you was accused of it, but you know you didn't do it, would you not be relieved to have someone else's DNA found? Or would it still point towards your guilt?
Sorry but i do not see the logic in your argument but maybe you could explain more.

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