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Tony Bennett wrote:The claims were made by a young woman attending a party held opposite Miss Yeates's flat in Clifton, Bristol. As she stepped outside for a cigarette just after 9pm on December 17 she heard two screams, the Daily Mail reported. 

If she was outside how come she didnt see the 'trio' leaving, allegedly seen by LL?

It is understood that police have interviewed around 20 young professionals by phone who attended the party

It seems elimination check was already done by Police so they would have already known the movements of this party group; and presumably the answer must be none of those people at the party left as threesome at 9.00pm, otherwise the Police wouldnt still be examining the 'alleged' sighting of LL.

A source claimed that they were requesting DNA samples from all the men present. 

The women who attended have been asked to describe what they were wearing in case it bore a resemblance to Miss Yeates's outfit. 

The party went on from around 7pm until shortly before midnight. Many of the arriving guests followed the route used by Miss Yeates from Regent Street

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset police confirmed that detectives had interviewed a young woman who heard screams while at a party. 

If she heard screams, I would imagine her curiousity was aroused and would have been keeping a look out as to (as anybody would) where it (the scream) could possibly have come from, so why didnt she see the 'alleged' trio leaving? 

One other point, if trio leaving and two screams were reported to have taken place at about the same time (9 ish pm) then the screams couldnt have come from the trio leaving or surely the LL (witness of the trio) would have heard it. So the screams must have come from elsewhere, say from an apt.

Did LL have witness he was outside parking his car at 9.00pm? I remember reading (I stand corrected) he reported he'd arrived back home and was parking up his car when he allegedly saw the trio, so where did he return from? Why did the smoking girl not see LL parking up his car? Where was he parking his car?

Meanwhile, the landlord Christopher Jefferies, who owns Miss Yeates's flat has told police that he saw her leave her flat with two people on the night she was last seen. The 65 year-old described the trio as speaking in "hushed tones" according to neighbours. However, following the disclosure, he told media yesterday that he "definitely cannot say that I saw Joanna Yeates that evening"...

Why didnt he volunteer this info to Police? He's proactive in neighbourhood watch. I believe his alleged sighting police found out through the neighbour LL told to.

The events of that evening

We appear therefore to have three events very close in time, plus the claimed starting-the-car-with-jump-leads earlier, this:

* Car wouldn't start - Jefferies summoned - has no jump leads - Stanley involved - they all get together to start the car - car starts - Greg Reardon leaves for Sheffield - sometime between 7pm and 8pm? according to what I've read

If BF got back from work say 5.30-6.00pm, hang around have a cuppa, get packing and a few things sorted out for the journey, then about 6.30 -7.00 about to set off and found car wouldnt start seems normal timing. Nothing wrong with timing. 
What is curious would be: did he have a conversation on phone during this interim timing. I believe the Police would have got his statement and check phone records of both JY and her BF. quick succession...

* Joanne arrives back at flat (coat, keys, purse, half-drunk bottle of cider etc.), probably just before 9pm

(Evidence found in flat)

* Screams heard just after 9pm

(Witness: female at party) 

She was outside yet didnt see any trio leaving? 
If anybody should see the trio you would have thought it should be her.
Most people I know at party who go out for ciggie dont just look stare at wall; they usually pace around, look round their surroundings, and try to find something pleasant to look at like greens thing like that while they partake of this habit, so I am curious to know where she was facing and looking at while she had her ciggie?
* Jefferies says he sees two men and someone leaving the house talking 'in hushed tones' (makes odd statement ('definitely cannot say that I saw Joanna Yeates that evening') and appears to change his story slightly...also, where did he see them from, from inside his flat, or from elsewhere?)

(Witness: Jefferies)

Odd he didnt tell police even if JY was not among the trio, because it doesnt matter if she was or wasnt, police still need to eliminate this for themselves.
* Neighbours also say they see two or three people outside the flats at around 9pm.

(Witnesses: neighbours)

Where did you read this? Dont believe I read this anywhere. outside the flats? as in entrance area?

That gives quite a few pointers to some kind of untoward or unusual event happening around just after 9pm. 

Why did LL not hear the screams....And why did smoking girl not see a trio leaving or LL parking car.... if those events coincide in timing?

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