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Phantasia wrote:
Tony Bennett wrote:This all happened around 7pm to 8pm, right?...His car is now in the drive? So why does he need to come out and park it at around 9pm? Was he re-parking it? Had he been somewhere and come back?

He had to take his car outside to use it for the jump start.

But this was said to be around 7pm to 8pm? But Jefferies said that when he saw the three figures it was around 9pm I think?

The neighbour also had battery trouble,

Missed that. One flat battery might be bad luck; two flat batteries looks like carelessness at least.

and although he had jump leads, he did not want to risk draining his own battery. So the Landlord fetched his car and parked it bonnet to bonnet alongside Reardon's car. It took a while to start it.

Presumably he then had to move it for Reardon to move away, and parked it at the same time. It all probably happened later than 7pm.

But is the strange battery-starting dance something that happened some considerable time before the sighting of three shadowy, speaking-in-hushed-tone figures seen by Jefferies? That is what I am trying to establish.

Yes...where was Reardon after leaving work and before trying to start the car?

In the flat? Unaware that he had a flat battery???
A girl across the road thought it was more like 8pm. Perhaps it was nearer to 9pm?

Well, the exact timings of these two events are very important. They seem to be quite distinct events:

1. Battery-starting

then much later

2. Three shadowy figures seen

Re: Jo Yeates Part II

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Chester wrote:
Tony Bennett wrote:
Phantasia wrote:
Tony Bennett wrote:Key question: where does he say he was when he 'saw them' leaving the flat?

He said that he was parking his car.

Oh! So earlier on, he had been summoned from upstairs to help with some jump leads for Reardon...This all happened around 7pm to 8pm, right?

From what I have picked up from various reports, the attempts to start the car were between 6pm and 7pm.
Assuming Greg left work at 5:00pm to 5:30pm it would give him time to walk home, grab is stuff and pack the car ready for the trip before finding out that the battery was flat. 

He and CJ and then PS get the car going between 6pm and 7pm and then he is on his way to Sheffield.

If that is right, then the battery-changing dance occurs over 2 hours before Jefferies claiming he is 'parking his car' and from his car happens to see three shadowy figures talking in hushed tones (around 9pm unless I am mistaken)

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