Re: Jo Yeates Part II

Post  Judge Mental Today at 1:37 am

To be fair, one will admit that yours and benjamin888's names jumped out, and one has had not had time to read all of the comments since one's last postings yesterday afternoon.

Please would all posters ask yourselves if you would wish to see such tawdry comments written about a murdered relative, friend or work colleague before posting. Instant bans will be applicable from now on. 

This forum is dedicated to seeking justice for Madeleine McCann and supporting Amaral in his endeavours to speak publicly with regard to her case. We need this forum much more than we need posters who cannot control themselves. It has been suggested for some time that we have posters amongst us who would wish to try and close this site down. This is why one will be quite trigger-happy and ban posters are the merest hint of dissent from this moment on.

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