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 Re: 'muratfan' lies and deceives his mates on JATYK

New post  Judge Mental Today at 1:35 am
Who cares? big grin 

One would usually suggest that it would be one of those who enjoys having a bit of a swipe at oneself. However, there was also an enormous influx of posters who were terribly twee and almost too nice to oneself on this thread. Therefore, it is anybody's guess, Fee45. Best ignored. winkwink

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Anonymous said...

If people were being nice to Zoe it was so they could get her to sit still long enough to get the crosshairs trained on the spot between her eyes.
She is mad, she has no friends, her 'business' is a bad joke and Havern's hellhole is all to her. What a sad, pathetic little trollette she is.