Pat Brown said...

Then you and you alone are responsible for copyright infringement which has been duly reported to the legal team at Amazon.

murat fan said...

Look you fake fraudster.You are lining your pocket from a missing child. You are hurting her parents more than anyone, do you feel proud about that , does it make you feel happy in yourself? No doubt it because you are only thinking of the Dollar signs in your eyes.

Tell you what donate all the money from that book to a Childrens Charity and i will remove the link. That way you can show you are not doing it to make money for yourself. But as i suspect you will have no bottle.

Megan said...

Oh, please Pat. I talked with Amazon Legal yesterday and they said what you are doing is against their terms of service. You are not allowed to intimidate and comment on negative reviews. They also said they do not contact the FBI for books that are self-published for the Kindle and are shared. So please just stop the game playing.

As you have said on Facebook, this is about justice. If it is then why are you charging money for this pretendy profile? Again, it's to make money off a missing child. Everyone can see through this whole facade. Please stop trying to act like you care about this child. You don't! This is all about how you can make your next dollar.

Megan said...

@PatBrown, I'm posting here because you will not allow anyone to say anything negative about you on your love-fest Facebook page.

Even cops are saying you are a money-grubbing opportunist. That says a lot.

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