You wrote this Bennett when you were receiving letters from Carter Ruck and pretended you were off on holiday.

No, on 8th October I'll be flying to Klagenfurt in Austria for a week to take my 89-year-old mother on a trip to see all her relatives in Austria. Klagenfurt was where my father was stationed in British-occupied Austria after the war, having fought with British forces against the Nazis in the Italiam campaign from 1943-45. A Major, he was chosen (probably because he spoke perfect German) to walk across 'no-man's-land' and accept the very first surrender document from German forces after the British forces crossed the River Po. I have the original document to prove it. My parents met (1945) and married (1946) in Leoben, Austria.

On the afternoon of 3 May 1945, Generals Truscott and McCreery attended a ceremony at Caserta, where a German representative surrendered the remaining Axis forces in Italy to General Clark, formally ending World War II in the Mediterranean.

Now that is from a very good historical site Bennett, so where was your Father? Making tea, libelling people maybe.....or MAYBE HE JUST WAS NOT THERE

So your Father was not a translator was he. 

Also what Regiment was involved in the surrender to answer that please, because the answer will surprise many.

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