Paedo candy

New post  tigger on Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:33 am
The Shelfstacker wrote:Slightly away from the original topic of this thread, but I found this JPEG in an email I was sent some months ago. Not spam, I hasten to add, sent by a colleague as a round robin/ chain. The picture was entitled "Go Figure". Does anyone know where the pictures in the montage come from? Obviously one of them features on the home page of this site but what about the others?

YUK! All four of them are paedo candy IMO. The McC's betray themselves in so many ways. But the blue eyeshadow photo was a BIG mistake and the evolving excuse: raided my make-up box changed in the book to: a professional beautician who was visiting did it...
Has anybody noticed the thick walls under her eyes, it's not normal in most children. Maddie has them in most photos, except a few, like the poster, with the eye. Now they've said she didn't have a coloboma and it was a tiny spot. Another BIG mistake, on record, keep talking!

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Just so there is no mistake about this NOWHERE IN THE BOOK DOES KATE MCCANN EVEN TALK ABOUT THE PHOTO, LET ALONE MAKE ANY REFERENCE TO A PROFESSIONAL BEAUTICIAN. Sorry to shout, but these blatant, stupid, libelling liars make me mad.
That idiot posts that up and npone of them correct it - why? - because they are as dim as a 10 watt light bulb in a blackout.