Was Maddie Ever There?

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Do you think its possible that Maddie never went on this holiday at all? Maddie possibly died 6 or so months previous in the UK, and needing money the Mccanns arranged with NOTW to set up an abduction story that would run and run so they all cash in? (Been done many times before with other stories)

They could have gone to PDL the previous year and got that poolside pic. Its very odd that there are virtually no pics from the holiday of Maddie, no Maddie with the twins, no Maddie with parents, infact NONE OF MADDIE WITH MUMMY KATE....just a few very suspicious odd looking ones that are highly suspicious of being photoshopped. Did GM screw up and had to go back to the UK to get the poolside pic? (forgot to take it with him)...would totally explain the fund being set up within 9 days, it was already being set up weeks/months before 3rd May 2007, be good to know the date this was first applied for. There are many other reasons why this all makes sense.....Most stories/scams are very simple, its all about making money, thats it

Its just those dogs that make this theory fall down..

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