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Tony Bennett on Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:05 am
Phantasia wrote:Please forgive me (I am a lowly n00b, and haven't yet been able to readeverything in if this has been posted before:

A couple of the strangest things in the 'abduction', in my opinion, were right at the beginning.

1) Why did Kate say "They've taken Madeleine" ??? Surely anyone would say 'Madeline's gone'....or 'I can't find Madeline'. What did she mean by they
Rather as though they had hatched this plan earlier...

Phantasia, to get back on topic after the interruption by Jayelles, this quote of Kate McCann's is unsubstantiated. There is no clear evidence that she actually said this - and many of us think she did not. If you have time to look at all the contradictions between the statements made by various members of the 'Tapas 9' group (some in the '50 Facts' leaflet and others discussed elsewhere here), you'll rapidly see that whole chunks of what this group say about what happened on the day Madeleine disappeared simply cannot be regarded as true. 2) Why did we hear no more about the woman in the next villa, who said that she heard Madeeline crying for her 'Mummy' and that Madeline had wandered off and hidden at other bed-times, and Kate had screamed and shouted at the child.

I'll be brief.

The woman was Mrs Pamela Fenn, aged I think 82 at the time, who occupied a flat above the McCanns' apartment, G5A. She said she heard a girl crying 'Daddy, Daddy' (not 'Mummy') for 75 minutes continually between 10.30pm and 11.45pm. She said that the crying stopped when she heard a door open and close. She recalls this happening on the evening of Tuesday 1 May, twOdays before the day Madeleine was reported missing. The disappearance of Madeleine is a massive subject. All I will say here is that it is not by any means certain that the child heard crying was Madeleine, nor is it certain that the child was crying 'Daddy, Daddy', I don't want to open up too many conundrums at once so will leave that there.

I am not sure if it was Mrs Fenn or another witness who said that Madeleine had been seen wandering off from her parents one evening and hiding in the bushes. Indeed, I am not absolutely sure whether that story was ever confirmed. Perhaps someone esle on this forum can help?

Nor am I sure, I'm afraid, if it was Mrs Fenn who heard Madeleine (or another child) screaming on another occasion.

As you may know, the McCanns themselves said that on the morning of the day she was later reported missing, Madeleine is supposed to have said that she and Sean were crying the previous night when her parents were not there. Dr Kate McCann later claimed that it was merely 'a passing remark' and said Madeleine laughed it off and went off happily and playing after making that remark. There is doubt about this account too.
3) There were road-works a few yards from the villas...were they ever uncovered?

I think there is a note on the police files to say that all these road works were checked the morning after Madeleine was reported misisng. The McCanns themselves have repeatedly insisted most adamantly that they knew 'instantly' that Madeleine had been abducted - and they totally ruled out Madeleine wandering off, as they said she would not have had the strength to open either door to the apartment.

Please, if you, or anyone else here has some basic questions about this very complex case, do not hesitate to ask, we'll do our best to help answer them

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