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Re: Jo Yeates Part II

Post  Get 'em Gonçalo Today at 8:24 pm

Thank you for this post mischief.

Since the arrival of the new members (over 100 so far in just a few days) the threads in this section have been locked and tidied up several times. Some new members have also been banned. Some existing members have left and moderators have been insulted.

This cannot continue. This forum was set up to seek the truth for Maddie McCann. It is, as you say, a special forum. 

We welcome new members and I set up this forum specifically for you all to chat amongst yourselves as it is clear you only want to discuss this case and nothing else in this forum.

That's fine, but you must bear in mind that this section of the forum is about a young girl who is now dead and I would appreciate it if you would respect this, and our forum.

Thank you.

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