Revealed - a mobile 'phone call from Clarence Mitchell to Gerry McCann, early August 2009

Post  Tony Bennett Today at 5:46 pm
A mobile ’phone secretly intercepted some time in early August 2009

CM: Gerry, hi, have you got five?

GM: Well, no more than that…by the way, how are we getting on with Hewlett? Has he revealed what that tipsy gypsy told them yet?

CM: Skip that, he's not go long to live anyway, look, we’ve got a really great idea for our next ‘sighting’.

GM: The last one was on a plane to Venezuala wasn’t it?

CM: No, I think it was a girl in a Canadian school concert that came about soon after we published those age-progressed photos of Madeleine on Oprah, but never mind. No, I think we can develop a great story around someone asking about Madeleine on Barcelona docks. 

GM: What? When was this? 

CM: Well according to our source, this happened three days after Madeleine disappeared…

GM: Three days! What does this source say?

CM: Well, he’d been on a pub crawl round the bars of downtown Barcelona, er, on the night of Sunday 6th to Monday 7th May, and round about 2am he saw this agitated woman in expensive-looking blue jeans walking up and down…

GM: How many pints had he had?

CM: Quite a lot I expect, but we’ll just say ‘he had been drinking’…er, yes, and this girl, well woman, came up to him and said: ‘Have you got my new daughter?’

GM: What did he say?

CM: Er, we’re a bit vague on that at the moment, I think he said ‘No’. Or he might have said ‘Pardon me’ and she repeated: ‘Have you got my new daughter?’ and then he said ‘No’. I’ll check that bit out.

GM: Why the heck didn’t he tell anyone for the past two-and-a-half years?

CM: Well, two things, I think, first of all, he’s a British banker, quite high up, and of course he didn’t want to risk publicity, plus he’s married and he didn’t want to admit to chatting to girls in downtown Barcelona at 2.00am, the other thing is, I really can’t tell you just how this man’s agonised and agonised for the past two years over this, his conscience has tormented him for two years, and of course he wants all this to be anonymous, but he just thought we ought to know as of course we’re the only ones looking for Madeleine.

GM: Well, do we have a description of this, er woman? 

CM: As a matter of fact, yes! She had short hair, spoke in an Australian accent, and the banker said she looked like Victoria Beckham.

GM: What, who looks like Victorian Beckham?!

CM: I know, I know, but just think of the headlines: ‘Victoria Beckham lookalike”.

GM: Hmmm, yes, of course. Who are we teeing this one up for? - The Sun or the News of the Worldagain, or the Mail on Sunday?

CM: Well, I had lunch at the Ritz with the News of the World editor yesterday - he wants it of course, on the usual terms - then I plan a press conference with artists’ sketches of the woman and of course I want to highlight the role of our private investigation team so I’ll have Edgar up there doing his ‘Crimestoppers’ stuff…

GM: Did we use Melissa Little again for this sketch?

CM: Yes.

GM: How much did she charge for that one?

CM: Her usually hourly rate.

GM: But this Australian woman could be anywhere in the world?

CM: Aha! No! You see there was a yacht bound for Australia early morning that day and in all probability this Victoria Beckham-lookalike was on that boat, so, er, we say she’s probably in Australia and we get the Australian police and the Australian media to cover it, obviously as you know Rupe is an Aussie and owns half of the media over there so that’s no problem…

GM: Sounds pretty improbable to me - are the British media and public going to fall for this one?

CM: They have so far. 

GM: Wait a minute. You said you wanted Edgar on there as well? 

CM: Yes, yes. The public will go for it because they want to know their money’s going on some real detectives. It looks good on telly because Edgar can answer any questions about the investigation and sound important as he talks about ‘strong leads’ and all that stuff…

GM: Yes but Edgar’s not impressed me so far, I mean what about his latest ruse of saying he’s ‘convinced’ that Madeleine is being held in a prison lair near Praia da Luz…look I’m not going to authorise him to run with that one until I know how this Victoria Beckham lookalike story is going to run…

CM: Don’t forget Edgar is Brian Kennedy’s man, Bri and Paddy [Patrick Kennedy] need some kudos from this, I mean he’s bought that Knutsford house and is paying Edgar from some source or other, so we’ve got to keep him sweet…

GM: Sorry, I don’t like it, to be honest Edgar’s such a fool he could even blurt out that Jane Tanner saw a woman that night not a man…

CM: Don’t be silly…

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