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Smqt wrote:...I must also say that the photo on the banner freaks me out.


It seems that the vast majority of the population find that photo at best uncomfortable to look at, if not almost disturbing.

 'It's just a picture of a little girl having fun playing with whoever is taking her photograph'.

I think 'Smqt' that one must bear in mind that this photograph was used within a 1-minute 'viral' video that was meant, one assumes, to help in the quest to find Madeleine.

The film was shot by Madeleine's godfather Jon Corner and no doubt he had a say in what 'poses' he asked her to do. Also of interest is that the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency (CEOP) under the controversial Jim Gamble approved of and supported this video, not to mention that both the McCanns and their ever-present reputation managament guru Clarence Michell must also have explicitly approved the use of these and photos used in the film. To me they are all involved.

You can read people's thoughts on this photo (and the other two used in the same video) elsewhere on his forum, but here are some question marks about this photo:

1. Why is she looking so solemn, sad even? Were not any photos of her taken on the same occasion where she is looking a bit happier about this 'make-up game'?

2. Who took the photograph (that has not been revealed so far) and why was the photo taken from well below Madeleine's face, looking upwards? To me it is obvious she is straddling a man (possibly naked), and that is how the photograph was took.

3. Who actually applied that make-up, especially the eye-shadow? The consensus (apart from a hardcore group of McCann fans who believe that the McCanns have told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Madeleine's disappearance) is that it was surely applied by a paedophile within the McCann circle, possibly within  the McCann family

P.S. Thanks for at least glancing at the Madeleine threads by the way

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