In fact, Murat got a cool £600,000, an amount widely believed to have been negotiated at a secret meeting near Praia da Luz on 13 November 2007 at which the following parties were present:

* Robert Murat - an 'arguido'/suspect at the time
* Murat's lawyer, Francisco Pagarete
* Brian Kennedy, a double glazing magnate who has run the McCanns' ill-fated private investigation enterprise from a detached house in Knutsford since mid-2007
* Edward Smethurst, owner of two large properties in Meadowhall Lane, Rochdale (just up the road from 'Nutters' restaurant), who doubles up as (a) the in-house lawyer for Kennedy's Latium group and (b) as the 'co-ordinating lawyer' for the McCanns
* Murat's Mum, Auntie and Uncle.

Not only did Murat bag six hundred grand...

his mate Sergei Malinka, who wisely wiped his computer hard drive just before the Portuguese police got to it, netted a further £100,000...

...and Murat's then girlfriend, now happily married wife, also got £100,000.


P.S. Robert Murat lied in at least 17 respects in his first police interview on 14 May 2007. AND he couldn't explain why he had all sorts of encrypted material on his computer

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