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New post  Stella Today at 9:46 am
There are many things about this case that does not sit right with me.

If they were both due to spend Christmas with Jo's parents, then surely they would both go to Greg's parents the last weekend before Christmas to exchange gifts then? If they had arranged to go to Greg's parents let's say on Boxing day or later, why did he desperately need to go see them the week before, driving through very hazardous weather with a dodgy car?

Also, what do we know about this landscape gardening company they both supposedly work at? We have been in a recession for a few years now. Jobs are being culled, wages frozen. Do you think there is much call for landscape gardening of late? and what are the chances that a young couple both work at the same place, also live together. Years ago, couples were not allowed to work at the same company. It can hardly be one that employs 10 or more people.

I would not be the least bit surprised to find out one day that they both worked at some secretive Governmental office. It certainly would explain the grand apartment, the parents unusal comment about wanting a body back so soon and why Greg seems to be being wrapped in cotton wool.

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