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Official Find Madeleine Campaign If you speak/write Arabic and have a software application that can help us with our Arabic posters, please contact our Web team at Many thanks!
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This might be connected with the alleged Madeleine 'lookalike' as reported in today's Sun

I've just written an article for the Madeleine Foundation website touching on this point, and dealing with the Sun article,

Here's an extract from it:

The so-called facts in today’s Sun article are sparse. Let’s summarise them:

· An unnamed 35-year-old businessman says he saw a ‘black’ woman in a veil, walking alongside a girl, perhaps aged about 7 or 8, who looked like Madeleine

· In front of them was a ‘very skinny man’ who had a scary face and a moustache’, accompanied by another thin woman

· This all happened ‘in November’.

The article claims that police officers from Interpol are currently ‘probing the sighting’. That seems highly unlikely. Would they still be ‘probing this sighting’ two months later? 

The article also claims that the McCanns’ private investigators are ‘probing the sighting’. One wonders how. Are they in Dubai, searching? No details are given. Even if they were, what could they do? Would they have access to CCTV footage? Would they be allowed free access to go round interviewing whomsoever they wanted to in Dubai? Do they speak Arabic? Simply to ask these questions demonstrates that in no serious way can the McCanns’ investigators be ‘probing the sighting’.

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