From crikey To Judge Mental, Today at 12:59 am
You never seem to want to answer that when i put it to you in open forum, perhaps you can explain now why you seem to want to get rid of people who don't agree with some on here.
I agree with a lot of the posts but some seem to overstep the mark at times, not just your posts but a lot of posts, that is what can hurt people who want the truth. we all get tarred with the same brush

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From Judge Mental To crikey, Today at 1:18 am
It is only a bit of fun, one can assure you winkwink

However, one was rather puzzled as to why you would think for one moment that one was laughing at the distress of the family in one of one's postings. You know and can see very well that this is not so.

One only threatens to ban people to ensure they do not upset other posters or write libellous posts. People always take it in good part and find it as amusing as oneself.

One does not understand what you mean by being tarred with the same brush. The same brush as what, and who is doing the tarring? As for asking why oneself would want to get rid of people who would disagree, this is not entirely true. However, after almost four wearying years, one does not see the point in having fence-sitters wasting space on forums which are trying to seek justice for Madeleine, if this is what you are referring to.

This is of course only the view of oneself, and one is not speaking on behalf of the forum admin. All views are tolerated on this forum from all that one can see. However, if somebody wants to wax lyrical over abduction, they should not balk when asked for their evidence to support their own theories.

People are only banned from here for causing trouble here, or for making a return after already being banned. So if somebody disappears for a seemingly pathetic reason, you must look between the lines, and know that it has not been done without valid reasonwinkwink

Apologies if you thought you were being ignored, but one has not noticed you ask this question before.

Kind Regards,
Judge Mental.

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