Re: Jo Yeates Part II - VOLUME 8

Post  Autumn Today at 8:00 pm
I don't think Madeleine's body or remains will be found and neither do I believe any of the tapas 9 will talk about what they know. They probably thought after all this time it would be forgotten and they could carry on with their lives as if nothing had happened. However, with legal expenses to meet, the McCanns cannot just fade away into the background, they have to keep up the charade in order to rake in donations for the Fund.
What the tapas bunch hadn't bargained on are the growing number of people who, having read the PJ Files, do not believe the McCanns' version of events and will never give up until the case is resolved. 
Not only can the case be discussed and debated here, it is unique in that is the only forum where research and analysis of the facts surrounding the case is being carried out. Much is going on in the background and welcome support of all members to assist us in getting the case re-opened.

Perhaps a good place to start reading would be the Research and Analysis Library Section.

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