Oh Dear...They Are Deluded

 Re: 'muratfan' lies and deceives his mates on JATYK

New post  Clarence Darling x on Mon Jan 31, 2011 8:21 pm
Perhaps in all seriousness Tony Bennett should request his phone records, to see if any attempts have been made to hack into his phone records. Given all the slagging off he has had to endure, and the desperate antics of the few but rabid nut jobs who are still ranting away in la la land, as the waters of reality slowly rise around their necks.

Ha...... to the associates of the rabid nut jobs, no doubt you are reading this. Why not try answering a question or two, rather than having to sling mud. You know deep down you have your own doubts. Do you need to be associated with this libel or not? 

Come on in the water is lovely!

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