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Roland Butter wrote:I also fell for the abduction story but have gradually been wising up to what may really have happened and it's not looking pretty.

I've also seen this forum where I came across Mr Amarals' book translated itno english and like the police office on this forum I also wondered why this hadn't been mentioned in the british press???? This makes enlightening reading.

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Posted 28 December 2010 - 01:26 AM
I found this whilst searching the internet. Seems strange that we have not read about this in the UK newspapers. 

Oh you fell for the classic trap that you all believe everyone on that forum is a Police Officer laughatlaughat laughat laughat laughat 

It is just a forum where anyone can sign up, and that post was actually done by Bren Ryan especially as you see a link to her site further on. spit coffee spit coffee spit coffee spit coffee spit coffee

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