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 Ian West is all steamed up about something

Post  ScenicBoots Today at 2:46 am
Bennett, please do try to get your facts correct please. I did not release the so called press release. I was alerted to it, like yourself, through Google Alerts. Also if you look at the dates of postings and the timings you will find these things.

1.....they are totally different days.

2......There was one person was logged onto a forum at that time...

Draw your own conclusins to that , and ask why would i want to promote a place like yours Bennett to people?

Dear oh dear, muratfan = Ian West, you have got yourself worked up into a proper old lather tonight, haven't you? You over-sensitive little flower you. Hoping to have patted the McCanns on the book at a book signing in Norwich, were you? Ah well. - Admin.


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 Re: Another bogus and wicked press release by muratfan = Ian West

Post  MrMuratFan Today at 3:40 am
No Bennett, it is about you accepting what you really are.

Why do you run scared of me, why do you not enter into a debate with me? It just shows how scared you really are, and how much rubbish you try to get people to believe,

Re: Madeleine book tour abandoned

Post  MrMuratFan Today at 3:37 am
Now now Bennett stop running and hiding.Come and debate like a man, stop hiding behind women to launch attacks.

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