Re: Tony Bennett accepts Jayelles' challenge

Post  MrMuratFan Today at 3:49 am
Tony Bennett wrote:
ScenicBoots wrote:Err still here Bennett. Try to have a debate if you want Bennett, but you run and hide all the time don't you.

I have said i will provide the forum along with a Moderator of your choice to oversee things,yet you are scared of that idea...WHY ?

I am still waiting for Jayelles to approach me direct.

P.S. 'ScenicBoots' is Ian West of Norwich = muratfan.

Wow that is strange..i told you via PM who i was. But you got my name wrong...however you was given a link to my facebook page. Have a look and add me as a friend Bennett, then we could share photos. I already have your family snaps.
Oh and why is your son at the UEA now in Norfolk? Interesting

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